Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions from users. If you have a question that does not appear in this list, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • What type of hotel is ICON Malabar?

    Located on Tomás Heredia Street in Málaga, ICON Malabar is known as a unique and exclusive boutique hotel, aimed at cosmopolitan and unconventional travelers seeking a perfect stay in the city's trendy area.

  • What category does ICON Malabar belong to?

    ICON Malabar is a 4-star hotel situated in the heart of Malaga's Soho, offering all the characteristic services of a boutique experience.

  • Who is ICON Malabar oriented towards?

    ICON Malabar accommodates all types of travelers, renowned for its comprehensive range of services and facilities catering to adults, couples, women, families with children, as well as groups of friends and business travelers.

  • Is ICON Malabar suitable for families with children?

    Discover the family-friendly services at ICON Hotels, including amenities like cribs, high chairs, gifts for children, kid-friendly breakfasts, and a babysitting service (with an additional cost).

  • What are the check-in and check-out times at ICON Malabar?

    The check-in time at ICON Malabar is at 14:00 hours, while check-out is at 12:00 hours.

  • Is it possible to check in earlier than the designated time at ICON Malabar?

    While awaiting room access, ICON Malabar invites guests to enjoy Salsa Menta Café or the common areas such as the patio and lobby. Additionally, they offer luggage storage at the reception.

  • Can you stay in ICON Malabar after checking out?

    For early arrivals, guests can enjoy the common areas, lobby, Salsa Menta Café, and its facilities until the room is ready. Contact the reception team to discover available services and facilities.

  • If I arrive early at ICON Malabar, can I enjoy the facilities?

    Welcome to ICON Malabar. If you arrive early, you can enjoy the common areas, lobby, Salsa Menta Café, and facilities until your room is prepared. Contact the reception team to explore the hotel's services and facilities.

  • Can I store my luggage before check-in or after check-out at ICON Malabar?

    The delightful breakfast at ICON Malabar is served buffet-style, offering a wide array of sweet and savory dishes, along with options for children.

  • Does ICON Malabar serve a buffet breakfast?

    Yes, the complete buffet breakfast at ICON Malabar is served buffet-style, allowing you to choose from a variety of sweet and savory dishes, as well as children's options.

  • Are there dining options available for people with food intolerances at ICON Malabar?

    Yes, ICON Malabar offers a buffet breakfast with various options for travelers with allergies and/or intolerances such as gluten-free products, vegan options, healthy food, or lactose-free milk. Contact the restaurant team for more information on available choices.

  • Does ICON Malabar have a restaurant?

    ICON Malabar houses the Salsa Menta Café restaurant located in the hotel lobby, perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and anytime throughout the day. Nearby, there are renowned restaurants like Restaurante cb23, La Antxoeta Art Restaurant, Niña Bonita Cantina, Los Mellizos Soho Málaga, Tercer Acto, and la Cantina Canalla Soho 🇲🇽.

  • Is breakfast complimentary at ICON Malabar?

    At ICON Malabar, you can stay with or without breakfast included. If you opt for accommodation without breakfast, you have the option to reserve it at the reception for an additional cost.

  • What are the breakfast hours at ICON Malabar?

    Enjoy your breakfasts at ICON Malabar. Open from Monday to Sunday from 7:30 am to 11:00 am.

  • Are cots available in the rooms at ICON Malabar?

    Yes, ICON Malabar is a family-friendly accommodation and provides available baby cribs. Request the crib when making your reservation or at the reception, and it will be arranged in your room for your baby's comfortable rest.

  • Does ICON Malabar offer laundry service?

    Yes, ICON Malabar offers a laundry service for cleaning your garments during your stay. Contact our reception to learn about the service conditions: delivery times and additional costs.

  • What types of rooms does ICON Malabar have?

    At ICON Malabar, you'll find double rooms, superior double rooms with a balcony, deluxe doubles, junior suites with a bathtub, quadruples, and junior suites.

  • Are there safes in the rooms at ICON Malabar?

    Yes, all rooms at ICON Malabar provide you with a safe for your use.

  • Are hairdryers available at ICON Malabar in the rooms?

    Yes, all rooms at ICON Malabar come with a hairdryer in the bathroom for your convenience.

  • Are there minibars or refrigerators in the rooms at ICON Malabar?

    Yes, all rooms at ICON Malabar are equipped with a minibar to store beverages, food, or items requiring refrigeration.

  • Is ICON Malabar a pet-friendly accommodation?

    Yes, ICON Malabar is a 100% pet-friendly accommodation for animals like dogs and cats, among other domestic pets.

  • Are pets allowed in the rooms at ICON Malabar?

    Yes, ICON Malabar is a pet-friendly hotel, allowing you to stay with your pet in the same reserved room.

  • Is there a cost for accommodating pets at ICON Malabar?

    No, ICON Malabar is a pet-friendly hotel without any additional cost if you book through the official website. If booked through another website, the cost per stay is 25€.

  • What pet services does ICON Malabar offer?

    At ICON Malabar, we have a water dispenser with food and a bed for your pet.

  • In what languages is reception attended at ICON Malabar?

    At ICON Malabar, our reception team assists you in Spanish, English, Arabic, and French.

  • What services does ICON Malabar offer at reception?

    At ICON Malabar, we offer useful services such as Wi-Fi internet, laundry, free bicycle rental, MIFI device, tourist information, among others.

  • What is the smoking policy at ICON Malabar?

    Smoking is not permitted in the rooms at ICON Malabar, maintaining a smoke-free environment.

  • Is ICON Malabar a hotel committed to environmental sustainability?

    Yes, ICON Malabar is committed to environmental management through energy efficiency programs, water conservation, waste reduction, and sustainable sourcing.

  • Do the rooms at ICON Malabar have free Wi-Fi?

    The Wi-Fi internet connection at ICON Malabar is completely free for our travelers, offering quality internet in both rooms and common areas.

  • What parking options does ICON Malabar offer?

    At ICON Malabar, we do not have our own parking, and it's not possible to park outside the hotel as it is located on a pedestrian street. However, there are parking lots nearby, and we offer discounts. Please inquire at the reception for more information.

  • Are there accessible rooms for people with disabilities at ICON Malabar?

    At ICON Malabar, there are accessible rooms with spacious areas and adapted bathrooms for people with disabilities. Please consult the reception for more information.A

  • Are there discounts for returning guests at ICON Malabar?

    At ICON Malabar, you gain advantages from your first stay by becoming a part of The Tripster Club. As a member, you'll enjoy a 10% discount at any of our ICON Hotels and PETITPALACE HOTELITY. Additionally, accumulate bookings for discounts on future stays, dining, and access to premium services. I want to be a Tripster!